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The tech landscape is changing at an incredibly fast rate. Universities and Colleges need to shake things up, especially in engineering and Tech courses.

The old-school way of just learning from books will not be enough anymore. Students will need to get their hands dirty with real stuff to be ready for any challenges that are thrown their way as it is about job readiness and skilling up.

Empowering students
to take charge

Bibox labs has the required expertise to help navigate the skills that students need to nail it in the real world, to be totally job-ready from day one. Count on us to be your cool ally in driving innovation and expertise in establishing outstanding Centers of Excellence (COEs) in cutting-edge fields such as IoT, Robotics, Automotive Electronics, Embedded Systems, and Drones.

Our approach – Providing state of the art tech and interactive lab set-ups. Our focus is on bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. This approach ensures that our students are not just academically proficient, but also equipped with the skills necessary to excel in real-world industry challenges.

Our Offerings


Setup Makerspaces ranging from 200 Sq Ft to 20,000 Sq Ft which can be used as training centers, STEM learning centers, tinkering hubs or innovation museums.

Centre of
Excellence (CoE)

If you own a business that serves the education sector in any form we can explore synergies to explore mutually beneficial collaborations.


In case you have a good relationship with schools and education centers, you can setup School based STEM labs and/or deliver school based training.

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The Future of Skilling

Future of learning in STEM education and robotics for kids

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